T.N.B. College Students Receive the Opportunity to Participate in an Annual Scholarship Contest

College Students

T.N.B. College - Coordinator Dr. Dev Narayan Choudhary- 9430088707

T.N.B. College offers its students more than thirteen different courses, including I.A., B.A., or even M.A. in English

Currently, T.N.B. College offers its students more than thirteen different courses, including I.A., B.A., or even M.A. in English. Experienced professors across India were invited to lead their students and teach them how to speak and even think in the language. Annually, more than 400 students apply for the course and continue their studies after receiving a Bachelor's degree.

The in-depth study of the English language in the college of Bihar and high costs of the tuition drew the attention of the American funding institution 1FirstCashAdvance Financial Help. For its part, the company runs yearly scholarship sessions previously available for each student from the United States only. However, the 1FirstCashAdvance executives decided to slightly change their terms and offer the Bihar college students to participate in the contest.

The 1FirstCashAdvance Financial Champions scholarship session provides students with the opportunity to win a $500 lump award designed for covering all the tuition costs. At the same time, the contest is directly aimed at enhancing students' financial literacy and understanding different finance-related subjects by reflecting on the most relevant economic issues of the modern world.

The college faculty and its students appreciated the kind gesture of 1FirstCashAdvance. Dr.Sanjay Kumar Chaudhary, the Principal of T.N.B. college, commented: "Our mission is to raise awareness of our students and at the same time, develop their personalities and make them think originally, outside the box. This opportunity to participate in such a contest is an incredible contribution to our activity. I'm sure it will encourage our students to learn more and make them crave for self-developing".

The students of T.N.B. college are welcome to participate in the contest alongside the American students who are still enrolled in any academic institution. To participate in the competition, each student should submit his essay on the indicated topic along with an additional piece of work, e.g., an infographic or a personal video.