College center Hall:

Located in the main of college, the Central Hall is a place where various seminars, conferences, functions etc. are held.


The College has developed a centralized library division within the campus, where researchers and student from all department and neighboring college have been benefited. The library consists of around 86000 books and various journals. Recently, e-Library has also been opened for the students and it is equipped with Wi-Fi facility. The library has spacious reading rooms for the staff as well as the students.


All department of science faculty have well developed laboratories with modern instrumentation facility. However, the college has developed a centralized instrumentation division in the department of botany, where researchers from other department and neighboring colleges have been benefited. Recently, PTC (Plant Tissue Culture) lab has also been opened in the college.   

Language Lab:

The College has a language Lab for training the candidates in Pre-Basic communication skill in English. As the college attracts a large number of student from economically weaker sections who have not been trained in English communication skill, the Language Lab seeks to equip them with the pre-Basic skill at a very affordable cost. The language lab is open not only to the college students, but to anyone who wants to get trained in the aforesaid skill.


Sports form a part of co-curricular activity at the college. Special emphasis is given on an all-round development of the students. Cricket, Football, volleyball, Hand Ball, athletics, Badminton, chess etc. are actively promoted. The college students have participated at the university level, state level, national level and even international level I some of these sports. The college has a stadium too, which is the venue for various sports meet that are hosted.

Hostel Facility:

Hostel facility is available for boys as well as girls. However, as the no. of enrollment is very high, the hostel facility can be provided to only about 10% of the students.

Boys and Girls Common Room:

The College has separate Boys and Girls common room with basic facilities.

Career Counselling Cell:

The College has a career counselling cell for the students which guides them on various employment avenues available to them as per their qualifications.


The College has a gymnasium with modern equipment.

Parking Facility:

The College has a bicycle and scooter/ car parking facility for students as well as staff members.

Bank and Post Office Facility:

The College has a branch of Allahabad Bank and an Indian Post Branch within the main building.