managing commitee

The old Committees of the College are reconstituted hereunder for smooth preparation for NAAC Scheduled to visit in 2019

Library Committee

1 Dr. Vivekanand sah Convenor
2 Mr. Ashish Priya Member
3 Dr. Suman Kumar Member
4 Dr. Jagdish Prasad Member
5 Dr. G. Chandra Member

Purchase Committee

1 Dr. Ranjana Convenor
2 The Secreatry, Teachers Association Member
3 Dr. K.C. Mishra Member
4 Dr. Alok Chaueby Member
5 Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh Member

Disciplinary Committee

1 Dr. Narsingh Yadav Convenor
2 Dr. Mushfique Alam Member
3 Dr. S.K. Roy Member
4 Dr. Kaushalendra Pd. Singh Member
5 Dr. Sunandan Kumari Member
6 Dr. Aniruddh Kumar (NSS Officer) Member

Team of the Nodal officer for NAAC, 2019

1 Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh Nodal Officer/Co-ordination IQAC
2 Mr. Ashish Priya Asstt. Nodal officer
3 Dr. Shibhashish Haldar Asstt. Nodal officer
4 H.V. Dixit (Assistant) member

Drugs Pharmaceutical Cell

1 Dr. Belal Ahmad Director
2 Dr. Nishant Singh Asstt. Director

Career Guidance and Placement Cell

1 Proff. Mithilesh Kumar Sinha Convenor
2 Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh Member
3 Dr. Shweta Pathak Member
4 Dr. Shibashish Haldar Member
5 Sanjeet Kumar Sharma (Assistant – BCA) Member

Research Cell

1 Dr. Sanjay Jha Convenor
2 Dr. H.K. Chaurasia Member
3 Dr. Arvind Kumar Member
4 Dr. Ajay Kumar Chaudhary Member
5 Dr. Nishant Singh Member
6 Dr. G. Tripathi Member


College Development Council

1 The Principal Chairman
2 The President, Teachers Association Member
3 Bursar Member
4 CCDC Member
5 University Engineer Member
6 Dr. V.K. Das Member
7 Dr. Ruma Sinha Member
8 Dr. N.K. Sah Member

Examinations Committee

1 Dr. Kaushalendra Pd. Singh Controller
2 Dr. Amitabh Chakravarty Asst. Controller
3 Dr. Chandan Kumar Asst. Controller

Sexual Harassment Cell

1 Dr. Ruma Sinha Convenor
2 Dr. Ranjana Member
3 Dr. Uma Dave Member
4 Dr. Archana Sah Member
5 Dr. Manoj Kumar Member

Anti-Ragging Cell

1 Dr. Archana Kumari Sah Convenor
2 Dr. Ratan Mandal Member
3 Dr. Uma Kant Prasad Member
4 Dr. Pushpa Dubey Member
5 Dr. Abid Ansari Member

Campus Security (Watch and Ward)

1 Dr. K.C.  Mishra Warden
2 Dr. Alok Chaubey Member
3 Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh Hostel Superintendent(Krishna Hostel)
4 Shri Amrendra jha Campus Security Officer

Grievance Redressal Cell

1 Dr. N.K. Sah Convenor
2 Dr. m.A. Rizwee Member
3 Dr. Uma Dave Member

Professor-In-Charge, College Time Table

  1. Dr. Anirudh Kumar

  2. Mr. Ashish Priya

  3. Dr. Suman Kumar

RTI Cell

  1. Dr. ajay Kumar Chaudhary - Information Officer

  2. Shri Vibhash Chandra Jha

  3. Shri Kartik Chakraborty

cultCultural Council

  1. Dr. Ruma Sinha - President

  2. Dr. Archana Kumari Sah - Vice-President

  3. Dr. Manoj Kumar - Member

  4. Dr. Anirudh Kumar - Member

  5. Dr. Chandan kumar - Member

  6. Dr. Uma Dave - Member

  7. Dr. janak Kumari Shrivastava - Secretary

Planning (Academic/Administrative) Cell

  1. The Principal - Chairman

  2. Heads of all the Departments - Member

  3. S.O. - Member

Co-ordinator, Biotech

  1. Dr. D.N. Chaudhary, Co-ordinator

  2. Dr. Garima Tripathi, Asstt. Co-ordinator (To be notified separately)

Website Development cum Wi-Fi Cell

  1. Prof. M.K. Sinha

  2. Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh - Cordinator

  3. Shri Harshvardhan Dixit

Sanitation and Cleanliness Committee

  1. Dr. N.K. Sah - Convenor

  2. Dr. Arvind Kumar - Member

  3. Sri Yogesh Kumar - Asstt.

Debating Society

  1. Prof. M.K. sinha - Convenor

  2. Dr. Alok Chaubey - Member

  3. Dr. Mushfique Alam - Member

  4. Mr. Ashish Priya - Member

  5. Dr. Garima Tripathi - Member

Typing mistake regarding seniority inadvertently made may be overlooked.


(S.K. Choudhary)


managing commitee