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Department of Geography

The mission of the department of Geography is to stimulate and promote excellence in Geography and commitment to Undergraduate students to provide a learning environment that fosters knowledge, skill and experiences that prepare them for life in an ever changing world.


To be the leading Geography Department in Eastern India, known for our creative, research that defines the evolving discipline and fuels the education of informed and responsible students through innovative, engaged and relevant teaching.

Brief History

The history of Geography Department of T.N.B. College dates back to 1961 when a need was felt to start teaching of Geography at the undergraduate level in the entire Bhagalpur University. There was nowhere teaching of geography available in any of the constituent colleges. Students, desirous to take admission in Geography (Hons) course or opting Geography as pass course level, had to depart  Patna, Varanasi, Ranchi or elsewhere .In order to cater to the earnest demand and the needs of the students from a vast area stretching in the east and south touching West Bengal ,Nepal in the north and Patna , Muzaffarpur in the west were craving for this important and highly demanding subject. With great effort of the then Principal and the authorities of Bhagalpur University, this Department came into existence.. Dr.R.P.Sinha joined this college as founder head on01.09.1961.From the session 1963,Honours teaching started with an intake of sixteen students in Hons course. There was a spectacular performance of students of the department at university level.

The post-graduate Department of Geography of Bhagalpur University also started from the college in 1974-75. Again P.G teaching in Geography was started at this college in 1985 and continued till 2003. The P.G teaching had been abolished due to shortage of faculty member. But this Department possesses the entire infrastructure facilities for P.G. teaching and research. The Department of Geography is well known throughout the state and in eastern India for quality Education.In Jan 2018,three Assistant Professor have been appointed by the B.P.S.C for this Department and it is hoped that P.G Teaching will start shortly.

Hierarchy of the Head of the Department:

1 .Dr.R.P.Sinha                          01.09.1961-

2. Dr.K.N.Das

3. Dr.S.R.Roy

4 .Dr. R.D.Singh

5 .Dr.G.P.Sharma. 11.12.2000

6. Dr. B. K.Sharma 12.12.2000 -25.08.2011

7. Dr .Sharat Chandra 26.08.2011-30.06.2017

8. Dr. Aniruddh Kumar          01.07.2017 to continue