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Botany (Post-Graduate Studies & Research Centre)

Our mission is transformation of the department and college into a ‘state of the art’ institution of national and international standard so that we contribute constructively in shaping a better tomorrow for the society and the nation. For this, we need to showcase what we have and to keep struggling for better curricular and extra-curricular life in the campus, so that we stand as a beacon of balanced progress and hope for the future society.


The department stands as a vibrant place for the culture and dissemination of profound knowledge in the plant science for better tomorrow. Research holds the key to progress and development in the society. Plant on earth are the central sources of oxygen (Pranvayu).Destruction of this natural resources jeopardizes food, health, energy and environmental securities of the world which hosts at present about 6.5 billion human beings. Our objective is to make the society, state and the nation self- reliant in whatever we need through our consistent progressive efforts in this department and the college paving way to realization of our Vaidik wisdom ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’.

Brief History

               The department of Biology, T.N.B. College, Bhagalpur enjoys the unique distinction of being the first in the whole of undivided Bihar in starting Biology teaching. The Department got a shot in the arm when the world-renowned ecologist, Professor Ramdeo Mishra, FNA, FNASc joined as its founder Head in 1939. Today, he is fondly remembered as the ‘Father of Ecology in India’. Professor Ram Swaroop Singh succeeded him in 1942. A year later, Biology Department was split into The Department of Botany and The Department of Zoology.

               Dr. Balwant kajale earned the distinction of being the first Head of the independent Department of Botany in 1943. He was succeeded by Professor B.N. Mookerjee in 1945 who pioneered the Department till 1947 in the first stint. From 1947 to 1949, Dr Jangi Lal Shrivastava steered the Department as the Head. Professor B.N. Mookerjee took over again as the Head in 1949 and continued till he retired in 1976. Dr. Amar Nath Prasad succeeded him in 1976 and continued till 1985. Therefore, Professor S.S. Choudhary took the reins of the Department as the Head till 2002. He was succeeded by Professor M.M. Prasad (2002-2009) followed by Dr. A. Kishore in 2009. The present Head, Professor N.K. Sah took over the charge in 2013 and continued till August, 2017 when Professor H.K. Chourasia took over for about six month (August, 2017 to Jan 2018). The Department has been progressing steadily in the leadership of the present Head.

Head of the Department of Botany:  

  1. Dr. R. Mishra                     : 1939-1942
  2. Dr. Balwat Kajale              : 1943-1945
  3. Dr. B.N. Mookerjee           : 1945-1947
  4. Dr. JangiLal Srivastava     : 1947-1949
  5. Dr. B.N. Mookerjee           : 1949-1976
  6. Dr. Amar Nath Prsad        : 1976-Jan 1985
  7. Dr. S.K.T. Nasar               : Jan, 1982- June, 1982
  8. Dr. Amarnath Prasad       : 1982-1985
  9. Prof. S.S. Choudhary      : 1985-2002
  10. Prof. M.M. Prasad           :2002-2009
  11. Prof. A. Kishore               :2009-2013
  12. Prof. N.K.Sah                  :2013-2017
  13. Prof. H. K. Chourasia      :2017-2018
  14. Dr. B. K. Choudhary        :2018-2018
  15. Prof. H. K. Chourasia      :2018-2018
  16. Dr. Arvind Kumar             :2018-Ongoing