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T.N.B. College

Being the premier institutions of higher learning, T.N.B. College is a well-known centre of excellence. In between the capital cities-Kolkata and Patna, TNB College, has been the only institution for quality higher education. It is the mother institution for inception of all the P.G. Deptt. of Bhagalpur University.

T.N.B. Facts & History

T.N.B. College Annual Report are published each year to provide current information and statistics about the college. You can also read about T.N.B. College's history.
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T.N.B. Administration & Offices

The college is affiliated under Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University. The college is led by the Principal Dr. R.P.C. Verma and supported by numerous offices.
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T.N.B. College welcomes all visitors whether from our country or abroad.
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College Facts at a Glance
  • Year of establishment: 1887

Student Enrollment

  • Undergraduates:1727 (2014-15)
  • Postgraduates: 107 (2014-15)


  • 600 contiguous acres.
  • Staff Quarters.
  • 5 Hostels.


  • 600 National Beneficiaries.
  • 13 International Beneficiaries.


  • 78 faculty members.
  • 6 visiting teachers.
  • 75 teachers with Ph.D. Qualification.